Natalie Hartel is a California-based artist and author. Her passion for literature both new and old has seeded in her the desire to create art to accompany the written word.  

As well as illustrating for others’ stories, Natalie is in the process of writing stories herself. Her first major work will be a retelling of “The Adventures of Ciad, Son of the King of Norway” from Donegal Fairy Stories. Become a Patron to see the intensively illustrated work come to life!


Influences (Artists): Wylie BeckertTerryl WhitlatchGregory Manchess, Yuko ShimizuEric Nyquist
Samantha FieldsLaurel LongAnastasia Kim.

Influences (Authors): J. R. R. Tolkien, Christopher Paolini, Frank Herbert, Emily Rodda, William Shakespeare, Leo Carew, Naomi Novik.



  • 2018 - Contemporary Drawing & Painting in Florence: Renaissance Past & Present, California State University Summer Arts, Florence, Italy.

  • 2019 - Bachelors Degree in Art from California State University Northridge, Honors.


Group Exhibitions:

  • 2018 - Arte Senza Confini (In Celebration of Art Without Borders), California State University International Program, Firenze, Italy.

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