About the Artist

"Write the book you want to read."

━ Every writing workshop ever.

I have a lot of interests. So many that I really don't have the time to devote to study them all. Perhaps if I quit my job and spent my life as a Renaissance woman, but no one will pay me to be such a glorified hobbyist.

My multitude of hobbies and some special pieces of inspiration have given me the idea to combine my two main interests (painting and reading) into one project. What is this project of mine?

An illustrated novel.

Not a graphic novel like comic books or works like MAUS and Persepolis. Not a written novel with illustrations printed on 5 pages inside of it. Not a picture book like The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

A book that is equal parts picture and text. A book that utilizes the power of images to express character, emotion, and environment, adding text to give life to things that the pictures cannot, such as dialogue and subjective description.

This dream of mine was influenced mostly by the book Above the Timberline by Gregory Manchess (which I will be reviewing in the coming weeks). This was the first book I had ever seen that combined the painted and written words in the way expressed above.

As a person that will not settle for artistic work of lesser qualities, I know that this novel of mine will be many years in the making. Heck, it's already been three years since I conceived the first short story that lead to the Ivren Chronicles. Throughout the coming years, I'll be writing the novel, designing and sculpting it's characters, and painting it's pages.

To do so, I must become a great storyteller, both with my words and with my pictures, and to do that I must study from the masters that have come before me (thus, all the book reviews!).

I hope this post gives you some more insight into my dreams and personality than the About page does (and perhaps why I have that Moliere quote there). It can feel very impersonal, writing about oneself in the third person.

Lastly, I'd like to give a preemptive thank you to all of you that will support me in the years to come :) Stay creative!


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