Graduation Cap Decoration

9.3 x 9.3 in, Acrylic and gold leaf on gessoed fabric. The design is inspired by contemporary Aboriginal artworks, specifically those of Kathleen Petyarre.

The Aboriginal peoples of Australia are known for their more abstract artwork, and when doing research for this project I found out that Aboriginal tribes purposefully abstracted their artwork so that outsiders (uninitiated tribe members, people from other tribes, and people from completely different cultures) could not understand them.

I felt that this concept would be particularly effective on my graduation cap, as graduation from a university is the ending of my schooling career, and therefore it's really the capstone to this first chapter of my life from age 0 to 21.

Being a person that doesn't open up to others unless I know them really well, I chose to do an Aboriginal-inspired piece; all the meaning of the work is hidden in the design, materials, and colors. It all has meaning to me, and it won't to anyone else because this isn't a summary of someone else's experiences, story, or accomplishments.


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