SDV Untitled - Chapter 1!

I've just begun seriously writing one of my original stories that takes place in the land of Ivren (pictured below).

Below is a teaser of the first chapter; this story features the dragons Serra and Doryd and the young Noboru man, Varyn. As of right now, the story is completely planned out but still unnamed.

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Enjoy the teaser!


[Opening image description: It is sunset. The first image is a closeup of Serra’s face, looking intently at something. In the second image, our camera has panned out so that we’re looking over her shoulder to see what she’s seeing: Kouvra, a Noboru settlement in the far west of the Ivren continent. A river borders its western edge; there is a line of golden trees to the north, but the settlement is surrounded on its northern, eastern, and southern sides by a large, flat plain. The settlement is a few miles away from Serra’s current position. She turns and creeps back to a depression where Doryd is loafing, impatient and giddy.]

“We’ll wait for a few hours of darkness,” the dragoness whispered to her partner. “Their sleep dreariness will aid us.”

Her partner wiggled impatiently, his scales grinding against the granite he nestled in, but he kept his mouth shut.

The dragoness continued, curling up across from him, “They will have scouts ready to rouse the warriors, but they will be watching for enemy Noboru tribesmen, and not two dragons dropping from the sky.”

She fixed her eyes with his for the first time this evening, glowing fire peering into the depths of the sea. “You remember what you’re doing, Doryd?”

Her partner smirked. “Bruise and distract attackers, wreak general havoc, but do not kill or maim.”

The dragoness nodded.

Doryd squinted a little and drew back his lip, revealing rows upon rows of serrated, hooked teeth. His smile terrified their customers, but Serra had become used to his gruesome happiness. He was a creature that was wholly terrifying on the outside, but a sweeter, kinder demeanor she had never found in person or beast. “That’s why you hired me.”

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