The Paru

I made a small painting to submit to Gallery Nucleus's PIN 5 submission show. The requirements were that it had to be a traditional piece on a 5x7 piece of paper.

Yes, the painting has words on it; they never said that printers couldn't be used.

As I was writing this post, the post itself was becoming everything I was talking about avoiding, so I'm just gonna say what I wanna say and then get back to painting.

I'm tired of meticulous drawings. I want to try and paint━just paint. The above painting started out as thought, then a thumbnail on a sticky note, and then this ink painting on a piece of scratch watercolor paper.

I'm much happier painting a whole painting and then refining it than I am trying to get everything right from the get go. Even if it means I have to remake the whole thing later on. Even if it's "more work" or "not as efficient." I don't care. If I'm not having fun while painting then what's the point.

This painting was hard at first because it was on such a small scale. I'm finding that I work better when I'm unrestricted by paper size, and my favorite brushes for making the bold black linework can only produce strokes so small. It was a struggle for the smaller details like for the faces but I refused to use a pen. Brush or bust.

I'm also thinking I might ditch complicated, detailed, or scenic backgrounds most of the time in favor of white or a solid color of some kind. Still experimenting.


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