The Ivren Chronicles



Species: Kaisal (Water Dragon)

Age: 68

Gender: Male

Recruited by Serra to be her bodyguard, Doryd has spent his whole life in the Enrim Dunes. Now that he has lost his treasures and left the desert to join Serra, his curiosity has been allowed to blossom, bringing new life into his old soul.


Species: Valon (Wind Dragon)

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Beaten and broken, Serra arrives in the Haarst Peaks after an incident that has changed her life for the worst. Now, she is attempting to recover, but she will not be able to do it on her own...


People: Noboru

Age: 12

Gender: Male








This young Noboru prince has been wrenched from his life amongst his tribe, but his kidnappers are surprised to find that he’s thanking them...



Dantas are known for their speed, dexterity, and loyalty. Their long lifespans make them the ideal companion for the Noboru tribespeople. Their intelligence allows them to understand spoken commands from their masters and remember places they’ve traveled to before.

These creatures are built for running across the Saizar plains they are native to. Packs will hunt strun and krods primarily, but have also been observed feasting on pryg and scavenged eplets. Domesticated dantas are let loose by their masters to hunt together; it’s common to see dantas bring home a portion of their kill to their masters.


Influential animals: mesohippus, horse, zebra, ethipoian wolf, wolves, dogs


Bio to come.

Bio to come.




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